NIU Jun Qiang
“When I am Getting Older with You – Niu Jun Qiang’s work”at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Venue: MOCA Plaza LED TV Wall

The series of videos depict five female journalists on different sites. Instead of being the communication mediators, they are transformed into bodies that being immersed in their own perception and  into the insensitive objects of other’s gaze. While the detailed aspects of emotion are being intentionally addressed, they seem to stand out from the surrounding and flowing news messages. Their existence and the way they carry themselves have become the sources and centers of the news events. Resultantly, these five female journalists epitomize audience’s reality in media as well as become the emotional projection of the artist, which focuses on the insatiable and imbalanced aspects in life. 

Through an ordinary viewing experience, the artist has introduced a kind of indistinct and unfamiliar emotion. The memory of this emotion is rooted in that transient moments in the everyday life, which come to us in a form of eternity but depart in a fleeting way. Such an indescribable and changeable experience of emotion will accompany us until the end of our life.

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