Wang Shao-Gang b.1985


Wang Shao- Gang (born 1985, Taiwan) graduated from the Graduate Institute of New Media Art in Taipei National University of the Arts. Wang specializes in exploring the interrelations between the self and the external through video installation. Constantly experimenting with the possibilities of video art, he is committed to restructuring film, video, documentary and other forms of image creation, diminishing the scope of boundaries in order to probe the state of reality and construct various images of the world. Wang is currently in an ongoing attempt to research the humanistic culture and history of the locality through his creative practice.


He is fascinated by his random encounters with people and the fragmented events that occur throughout space and time yet eternally in the process of facing oblivion. For him, the objects and places seen in the immediate reality are not simply as they appear, but exist before us through unseen processes; therefore, he raises many doubts to the reality that we live in and pieces together imaginary subjects and fictional perspectives in his works to liberate the obvious appearances of reality.


Recent exhibitions include: “2021 Taipei Art Awards”  (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, 2021) , ” Deep Blue / Apple Green”  (Michael Ku Gellary, Taipei, 2019) ,”The Moment that Comes is about to Go- 6 Visions about Time” (Digital Art Center, Taipei, 2017), “Chiayi City International Art Documentary Film Festival-Enjoy Art Of All” (Chiayi Municipal Museum, Chiayi, 2017), “Taiwan Biennial -The possiblity of an island” (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art,Taichung,2016 )”Kaohsiung Awards”(Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, 2016), “Taipei Arts Award” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, 2015), and “Sanchin- Wang Shao- Gang solo exhibition” (Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, 2015).


Wang now lives and works in Taipei.