Luo Jr-Shin, Yu-Ping Kuo, and Jian Yi-Hong
“Tropical Cyclone” @ Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

Exhibition Dates:October6 to December 17, 2017

Venue:Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

Curators|Hsiang Huang [Taiwan], Louis Ho [Singapore], TessaMaria Guazon [Philippines], Tayeba Begum Lipi [Bengal] 


On average, Taiwan is hit by four to fivetyphoons annually, with each of the typhoons formed out in the middle of thePacific Ocean or on the sea to the west of the Philippines. After passingthrough thousands of kilometers, the moisture the typhoons soak up along thejourney then crashes down on Taiwan resulting in strong winds and heavydownpours. Each typhoon has the potential of causing different levels ofdamages and fatalities, but the people of Taiwan seem to always be able tobounce back in a short period of time, as they readjust and prepare for thenext attack. To be able to co-exist with typhoons may be related to Taiwan’shistory with multiple foreign cultural influxes, but beyond the historicalaspects, the natural setting of Taiwan is also the result of compositionscaused by aggressive foreign elements. Departing from this concept, fourcurators from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan were invited in the 2013 exhibition,Asia Cruise, presented by the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, with four groupexhibitions showcasing contemporary Taiwanese art presented through fourdifferent Northeast Asian perspectives. This year we are extending theinvitation to Southeast Asian and South Asian curators, inviting them topresent Taiwanese contemporary art through their perspectives and concepts fromtheir respective Southern region. We anticipate for this Tropical Cyclonehailing from the Indian Ocean to bring to Taiwan many influential viewpointsand for a unique standpoint to take shape for the contemporary art in Taiwanthrough a process of rapid changes and restructuring.


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