Kuo Yu-ping
Tobacco, Carpet, Lunch Box, Textile Machinery and Cave Men: the narratives of craftsmanship and technologies in contemporary art

Date:2017. 11. 25 Sat.-2018. 02. 04 Sun.
Venue:Hong-Gah Museum
Curators:Nobuo Takamori
Artists:CHIANG Kai Chun, CHIOU Zih Yan, HOU I Ting, KUO Yu Ping, LO Yi Chun, TRUONG Minh Quy, WU Pei Shan, Walter Womacka


Artistry, aesthetics, avant-garde, narrative, craftsmanship, those are the key concepts that seem to be difficult to mingle in the context of contemporary art, which is the very direction this exhibition attempt to experiment with. Technologies as aesthetic narrative include the command of unique and yet uncontrollable material, devoting tremendous time and technology with astonishing perseverance and concentration, and the exceptional interpretation as well as aesthetics owing to the sensitivity of the creator toward the medium. This exhibition endeavors to showcase how contemporary artists interpret while employing the creative methodology of craftsmanship to offer something distinctive to the contemporary creation and how contemporary artists respond via work creation to the development processes of contemporary and modern history of technology.

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