2010 06
For the three artists, Yang Shuangqing, Liu Yujie and Yu Hongbo, the past a few years have seen them leaving school, or preparing for graduation as post graduate student from Art Academy. Within this period, they still endeavoured to produce, to create. Sometimes depressive, sometimes upbeat, but moreover, we have seen sincerity in their art works as well as in themselves. Truthfully, they expressed their thoughts, revealed the state of their lives, presented the subjects they care about as well as the philosophy about life they are developing. I am not so keen on trying to summarize the whole trend of an era of art using one generation of artists. Rather, I prefer appreciating the art language produced by an individual under the influence of nothing but his or her own mind.You will clearly see a sensitive yet delicate heart in each one of the young artists, the veins on which appear to be clearer and maturer than the ones in the same age group. Yang Shuangqing excels at capturing every cherishable yet minute moment in life, and serialize them into a full picture of life. His brushwork is simple, yet as if leaving a track of fading time on the canvas. Liu Yujie uses her brush to interlace various hidden internal feelings, some unrestrained, some tangled, with the subtle changes in life revealed by her colours. Yu Hongbo possesses a taste and quality obtained through his training in Chinese traditional paintings. He utilizes ink to portrait the minute episodes in the growth of youth. In the self-portraits, the closed eyes and ears, nose and mouth, meditate lightly or heavily on the path of life. One day, the brushes and the thoughts of these artists will approach maturity, then the saturated unripe emotions will possibly fade away from their canvases. ‘Time’, the title of the exhibition, also serves as a record in the course of their pursuit of art.