Wang Shao-gang
The Silent House-Beitou Local Postures Collecting Project, Special Performance by Drama Class of Fuxing Senior High School

Time: 14:00-17:00
*Free Admission with no seats, audiencesare welcome to move around the venue.
*Audiences can join and leave anytimeduring the performances.


Director: WANG Shao-Gang
Assistant Director MA Wei-Yuan
Costume Designer ZHUANG Che-Wei
Sound Designer FENG Zhi-Ming
The 21st Drama Class at Taipei City Fuxing HighSchool
LU Yung-Yun, LEE Yun-Shin, HSU Yu-Lun, CHENPeng-Shuen, CHEN Jou-An, YOU Shin-Yu, LIOU Chen-Han, CHIANG Tung-Chi, HUANGWei-Kuen, YEH Shi-Teng, LIOU Pei-Chen.


Most of the recent works of image artist WANGShao-Gang are centering around the life states of adolescents in an attempt tocapture the underripe stage each adult has briefly undergone with maturingbody, rapid-changing mind development, and various questions toward theexternal world and society. Wang worked with the Drama Class of Fuxing SeniorHigh School to reinterpret the contemporary life in Beitou from the angle ofadolescents. They fused these observations in their behavioral presentation andcombined the intuition of the Internet generation for viewing/viewed to engagean improvisational performance at Hong-gah Museum. Films shot by the artistwill be screened in the venue. Also, during the special performance, actors ofsenior high school students will engage performance art interacting withobjects on the venue.

Organizer Chew’s Cultural Foundation
Presenter Hong-Gah Museum
Adviser Ministry of Culture
Sponsor Taipei City Government Departmentof Cultural Affairs,PeiTou Culture Foundation
Projector Sponsor Optoma

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