Luo Jr-shin/ NIU Jun Qiang
“The Other/The Distance Cross-Strait Contemporary Art Exchange” at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

ExhibitionDates: 103.12.20- 104.03.22

Venue:Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.


Director:FU Zhongwang, Pei-Ni Beatrice HSIEH

Curator:JI Shaofeng, HU Yung-fen


Sharingthe same cultural root, the art scenes across the Strait, however, have bothbecome pluralistic and multi-perspective in the wake of transformation broughtabout by a synthesis of influences (of history, politics, economics, externalexchanges, etc). In such a contemporary context, art exchange leads toexploration cultural sources and also gives rise to the related issues worthyof profound thinking, for example, the internal transition of landscape inrealty occurring under the intertwining and overlapping landscapes/spectaclesof reality, the importance of cultural reference in the context ofglobalization, the contemporary art searches in the multidimensionalreflection, and so on. The exhibition not only provides an insight into thecross-Strait artists’ reflections, thirty in total, on both personalexistential experiences and societies they live in, invites viewers to accessart from various angles, but also fosters more possible orientations for visualdialogues to take place within the space of art museums.


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