Wei Jia/ Song Kun/ Chen Ke/ Jia Aili
The Mirror of Time
2010 08

“The Mirror of Time” is an exhibition that explores the artist’s stylistic system in the development of time.

Wei Jia, Song Kun, Chen Ke, Jia Aili, Qiu Xiaofei and of course many Chinese artists of this generation have just turned thirty years old. The saying of finding one’s place in his thirties, for art of this generation, implies that the thirties is a timeof building one’s own artistic language – not only to form a mature style, but also a gradually mature and specific system of thoughts and ideas. To a certain extent, these artists are no longer portraying social phenomenon of the drastic changes in China. In most cases, they have departed from the “person” (the individual), and portray their views on life from metaphorical approaches. Of course the portrayal of the “individual” should not only speak to oneself, but aim to find a more in-depth system of thinking. Among which, there are positive, pessimistic, negative, eruptive, existing, depressing, or simple aspects. However, most importantly, it is a process working towards a clearer way of thinking. The individual is a reflection of his time, where time mirrors the individual. While young artists build their ideas, artistic language and style, their works also transgress the development of time.