About Seeing You after a Long Time

群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 Prologue I’ve been thinking about how time is like the lengthy process of image developing, where certain aspects are manifested, while others fade away into obscurity. Upon revisiting and confronting these images, the fragments of life prompted intriguing imaginations that might sound like romances in fairy […]

participates 2020 Kuandu Light Art Festival—Quantum Entanglement

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. TRACES OF TURBULENT YEARS – calligraphy by Tai Ching-nung – from the collections of National Palace Museum and his disciples Date:2020/ 10/ 23- 2020/ 11/ 22 Venue:Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts Artists:I-Yeh Wu / Chao-Ming Lu / […]

Deep Blue / Apple Green

群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 In 2019 Wang Shao-Gang completed two interconnected video projects titled Deep Blue and Apple Green; both pieces record and examine youth and in turn ask the viewers to examine their present day selves. The artist explained that “there is often a sense of uncertainty stemming from […]

Even though the future may be far away, Even though saying good bye needs not be at an airport, If only you could describe a future

群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 Michael Ku Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition that gathers the works of five young contemporary Taiwanese artists, all of whom share artistic sympathies and inspire one another. From their works, viewers will gain insight into the defining characteristics of Taiwan’s contemporary art. While the […]


群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 https://vimeo.com/247091013https://vimeo.com/247091949 Wang Shao Gang’s solo exhibition “Invincible” explores the contradictions and paradoxes one encounters when faced with the self. No matter win or lose, “he” always fights back at the pivotal moment and, like a movie hero, faces his enemy and is reborn. When we look […]