群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 At this summer’s beginning, Michael Ku Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our latest group exhibition: Water. Featuring work from artists Luo Jr-shin, Wei Jia, Chiang Hsun, Lao Lianben, and Jian Yi-Hong, the exhibition centers around water and its physical and metaphorical manifestations. The […]

Michael Ku Gallery 10th Anniversary

群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of Michael Ku Gallery’s establishment. The first exhibition held at Michael Ku Gallery was Wei Jia’s “Illuminating the Endless Night” in 2008. With keen insight, meticulous planning, and a vision that evolves with the times, Michael Ku Gallery has continued to […]

Sense of Light

群展 《 水 》 群展 《 水 》 2020.05.10-2020.07.26 Lao Lianben (Filipino, B. 1948), whose minimalist yet evocative paintings are a wellspring of Oriental inspiration. His monochromatic compositions display a meditational quietude, and an elegantly refined aesthetic derived from the brushwork of expressionist calligraphy. Lao Lianben captures only what is essential in subtle, clutter-free canvases. […]