Chiang Hsun | Great Beauty on Earth

Previous Next Chiang Hsun Great Beauty on Earth Publication Date: Oct. 2018 Paperback: 24.3 x 36 cm Page: 112 Language: Chinese/English Publisher: Michael Ku Gallery Designer: Chen Erxu “My solo exhibition, held by Christie’s in June, was an event that garnered much attention and attendance, but I have been wanting to forget that excitement. I […]

Vernal Equinox |Chiang Hsun

Previous Next Chiang Hsun Vernal Equinox Publication Date: Apr. 2013 Paperback: 19x29cm Page: 48 Language: Chinese Publisher: Tung Hua Book Co., Ltd. Art Director:Jiang Jian Designer: Chen Erxu “Three years. There are memories and there are the forgettable, but they are not all. If this is called exhibition, aside from the poems, the traces of […]