LUO Jr-Shin
participates Symbiosis Relationship-2020 Treasure Hill Light Festival

Venue:Treasure Hill Artist Village
Art Director:Catherine LEE
Artists:YAO Chung-Han / WHYIXD / Leo LIU / CHEN Sung-Chih / CHIU Chen-Hung / LUO Jr-Shin X Sean CHENG / WU Siou-Ming / HSIEH Yu-Cheng X WANG Chung-Yuan / KOU Tak-Leong / BUGRELU / CHU Shu-Wan / Ronson HUANG / YEH Che / CHENG Jo-Han / WanFu Elementary School / Treasure Hill Culture Community Association

Whose ideas and thoughts have impacted this nook for it to become the way it is now? Each matter here, including those that are organic and inorganic and also those that are independent or have grouped together, is so shattered, but its presence is still ever so complete. They embrace and lean on each other. Has life existed on Earth since the beginning? And has the human race gradually progressed as dictated by the theory of evolution? As our need for affiliation is provided for by being in a community, or as we congregate and rely on each other due to our collective objective, do we then feel secure enough to confront external changes? This nook has been under impact and friction for tens and thousands of years, and its jagged edges have long been smoothed out. The formation of a group, a community is ever so organic and necessary, and our intimate encounter here is certainly not serendipitous.

Light is a medium that helps us to experience this world and explore the unknown. Treasure Hill is filled with our imaginative thoughts, as it provides us with a place and a time to pause and wander.

Through changing seasons and numerous sunrises and sunsets, the year 2020 marks Treasure Hill’s 10th year of engaging in various symbiotic relationships. This year’s Treasure Hill Light Festival departs from the theme, “Symbiosis Relationship”, as we gaze upon history, walk alongside it, and see nature flourish on the land. Rivers were where civilizations arose, and religions and faiths brought families and communities together. Epochal imprints are left behind from times of conflict and resistance, and in this place full of historical marks and traces are visible and invisible interdependent and interconnected links that are ongoing and to be continued.

The Creator needed light, and there was light. People needed love, and there was love. And in the name of the light, we enter and experience this place. In the name of love, we create our dwelling place and coexist. We face provocation and take in information, and finally, we confront them and achieve balance. The Light Festival is a way for others to see Treasure Hill, and through it, attempts are made to reveal what has been accrued here throughout the years and for a living space that is both metaphysical and physical to be realized. Actions of combing and sorting through and gathering are conducted through participatory behaviors. Following “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, “Here and There”, and “A Land of Happiness”, the 2020 Treasure Hill Light Festival seeks to refocus on our original intention, as we look for 16 artists/collectives to join us in using expressions of contemporary art to inspire and transform audiences into characters of this story. And together, we will continue to write the unique past, present, and future of Treasure Hill.


LUO Jr-Shin X Sean CHENG

Two Rooms, A Love Story

In order to bid farewell to the past, he works hard to redirect his life back on track. He pulls the curtain back before the sun fills the room, and when the light is switched on, the curtain is drawn again. He packs up everything that has been left behind and tries to establish a new normal in life. He has also deleted several playlists, preventing melancholic emotions from being triggered. He tries to wipe out any past traces and signs, and the only exception is when he brought home a potted plant of birds-of-paradise; this is something that he would have never done in the past. The house used to be filled with greenery but not because of him; he is someone that can’t even take care of the strongest of plants. When he suddenly woke up from feeling dark and gloom, all the plants in the room had already withered and dried. It was not just him who had died after all. He places the plant before a window and hopes to give each other a new beginning. He pulls the curtain back before the sun fills the room, and when the light is switched on, the curtain is drawn again. He waters the birds-of-paradise in between. His life seems to be slowly gaining a new order, until he noticed that peculiar room on the other side…

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