Wang Shao-Gang
Solo Exhibition “Monologic Birds” at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

Exhibition Dates:2022.12.16~2023.03.12

Venue:Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

“There is often a sense of unease, which comes from uncertainty about the state of myself. It is not ignorance however, it comes from looking forward to what kind of person I will be in the future?” – Wang Shao-Gang

From 2019 to 2021, Wang Shao-Gang began his collaboration with teenage theatre actors. He attempts to outline the indescribable life states of youths during their discussions. In the exhibition “Monologic Birds”, the artist has assembled his thematic projects for nearly three years, to ask difficult questions to the world today: How can I become my ideal self before I become a perfect person? How can imagination and creation in the middle become a field of creation?

“Monologic Birds” attempts to reflect the translation process between the body and the image where the metaphors and references are just like the inner refraction of the current world and individual. Wang Shao-Gang turned the series of works into a new place of discourse, creating a constantly liquid and changing field in the exhibition. All impressions and images of the body are in an ambiguous but writing state, constructing an unstable yet poetic installation scene. At the same time, alluding to a chapter that belongs only to the present or the future.

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