Wei Jia / Jian Yi-hong
Singing the Body Electric

Date:2019.07.12 – 08.10
Venue:David Zwirner, Hong Kong
Artists:aaajiao、Philip-Lorca diCorcia、Felix Gonzalez-Torres、Jian Yi-Hong、Wei Jia、Wolfgang Tillmans、Lisa Yuskavage


The title of this group exhibition is derived from WaltWhitman’s ecstatic and politically nuanced poem “I Sing the BodyElectric,” from Leaves of Grass (1855), which likewise celebrates andcomplicates themes of the body and desire. Works will be presented by aaajiao,Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jian Yi-Hong, Wei Jia, WolfgangTillmans, and Lisa Yuskavage.