J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra
Silent Confession
2011 10
“Silent Confession” is the first solo exhibition for Indonesian artist J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra in Taiwan, as well as one of the few complete exhibitions of new work from Southeast Asia. Within a period of preparation continuing for over a year, the artist used his Catholic faith as a background to investigate the many possibilities of religion and humanity; therein he found longing, tranquility, and greatness as well as insignificance and weakness. Pramuhendra is one of the few Asian artists to use charcoal on canvas as his primary mode of production, and in the works of this exhibition his technique and artistic language of the medium advances still further. Here, he not only constructs an exquisite and uncertain sensibility but also goes on to produce a rational power on this foundation. With the exactness of charcoal, black and white lines contain a profound strength. At the 2010 Hong Kong Art Fair, Pramuhendra attracted the attention of art lovers from all over with his accomplished artistic language and moving artistic concept. With the present project in Taiwan, a complete concept manifested in the solo exhibition “Silent Confession,” we hope that the audience can, in tranquil silence, see the power of the humanist qualities of art.