Lao Lianben
Sense of Light

Lao Lianben (Filipino, B. 1948), whose minimalist yet evocative paintings are a wellspring of Oriental inspiration. His monochromatic compositions display a meditational quietude, and an elegantly refined aesthetic derived from the brushwork of expressionist calligraphy. Lao Lianben captures only what is essential in subtle, clutter-free canvases. An acknowledged master of Philippine non-representative art, Lianben has been creating textured monochrome paintings for 40 years. His muses are surprising in their simplicity. Before he begins, there is always a word, a sound, a shape haunting the hallways of his mind. Everyday wonders captivate him: the web of creases on a cracked wall or the patina of age on pottery. Lianben’s paintings, though minimalist, are evocative translations of these deceptively pedestrian inspirations.

Sense of Light is Lao Lianben’s first solo show held in Taiwan. The show consists of twelve artworks to form one fluid exhibition. The light and life one sees in the art has emerged to meet its destiny after decades of accumulation. The zen within corresponds with the art of Southern Song artist Mu Qi, and within that zen one can sense an all-inclusive “abstraction.” This abstraction is tangible and formless yet encompasses even the unique textures and patterns. The series is an abstract force that has been further purified and condensed into light, that has become “a sense of light.”