Chiang Hsun

Great Beauty on Earth

Publication Date: Oct. 2018

Paperback: 24.3 x 36 cm

Page: 112

Language: Chinese/English

Publisher: Michael Ku Gallery

Designer: Chen Erxu

“My solo exhibition, held by Christie’s in June, was an event that garnered much attention and attendance, but I have been wanting to forget that excitement. I had a solo exhibition in Taipei in October, and another one at Art Chihshang in November titled “Chiang Hsun’s Private Paintings.” I showed paintings that I had been reluctant to exhibit but would have had to let go of sooner or later. Perhaps these sentiments were shared by Wu Wen Qing when he set fire to Dwelling In Fuchun Mountains.
I must give thanks to Michael Ku for his zeal for catalyzing this year’s exhibition, to Hwai Min for writing the foreword, and to Er Xu for his graphic design.”
On 08/28/2018, nearing the arrival of White Dew. Chiang Hsun in Sunshine Coast Island, Canada.

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