Wei Jia
2012 09

“PORTRAIT” is the second solo exhibition of Wei Jia at Michael Ku Gallery. The first was “Illuminating the Endless Night” in 2008, which presented an introduction of Wei’s work and a pilot view on a new phe no me no n of contemporary Chinese painting for the Taiwan audience. Four years later, the label of “up-and-coming” no longer applies to Wei. The audience may simply view the work of “Wei Jia” for what it is in this exhibition.

The work of Wei Jia has always focused on “human”. At times it is about everyday life; other times it is about his life experience, or his perception of life through the lens of his experience. The artist voyages through the dialogue of prototypes and visuals on “human”. Beginning with “human,” the artworks examine “life” in the current of time and space. The style, expression, body of the figure are more concrete rendering of the existence of a “human being” and his inner world. Such an image comes closer to being a “portrait”, without being a portrayal of any particular subject. It may be a self-portrait of the artist’s existence, or it may be the “prototype” of a certain kind of human existence. To a large extent, “PORTRAIT” is grounded in the creation of such subjects, which are illuminated in the artw! orks featured in this exhibition.

At the age of 37, Wei still possesses intense emotions, while he has also come to a more rational reflection. It is an age for achieving, for showcasing one’s talent; it is the time for reflecting on this state of tension, with perfect calm that illuminates one’s intensity. At unexpected moments, one finds solace from a touch of warmth and colour. Wei’s solo exhibition from four years ago, “Illuminating the Endless Night”, is the gentle light in the dark night. The new exhibition is the lit match that lights up the trails of life.