Sakan Kan-no
2008 08
In 2008, Taipei Art Gallery Expo and Roentgenwerke AG, an acclaimed gallery in Tokyo, will collaborate with us for the first time. Roentgenwerke AG often stresses on hyper technik, smooth surface and cool beauty. Sakan Kan-no is one of the key artists in the Roentgenwerke AG gallery. Michael Ku Gallery will present you with his exhibition on 31 Aug: PILE. This is also his first exhibition ever held in Taipei. Amongst the young artists in Japan, Sakan Kan-no is one of the rising stars under the brightest spotlight in the recent years. He is known for creating ‘lacquer effect’ on canvas, and then creating many lines one after another using acrylic paint on top of the ‘lacquer’. In some works the ‘lacquer effect’ bears a close resemblance to the traditional Japanese lacquer ware; in others, to the polished surfaces of modern cars. The smooth lines and arbitrary crawling curves look just like music notes floating in the air. It may be solaced and delicate like a short concerto, or may be stately like a symphony. The musical element as such can certainly be attributed to Sakan Kan-no’s background in Jazz as a bassist. His works manifest his mind through the abstract whirling. The lines may not only symbolize music, but perhaps, also have faintly revealed the subtle changes in his emotions. The naming of the exhibition, PILE, on one hand demonstrates the accumulation of layers of paint in every painting, on the other, reflects the wide experiences acquired through life. Sakan Kan-no’s work give off a sense of restrain. Both the meticulous brushstrokes and the delicate changes in the emotions can remind you of the unforgettable characteristics in Japanese culture: art and skills. It is hoped that, through this exhibition, art enthusiasts can discover a different aspect in Japanese Contemporary Arts.