Luo Jr-Shin
participates the group exhibition “Dimensions Unveiled: A Journey into Everyday Life” at “ss space space Bali”

2023. 10. 15 – 2024. 1. 14


Curator:Melony Chiu
Artists:Yu-Cheng Chou, Jr-Shin Luo, pon ding, Yu-Cheng Hsieh, Yu-Ting Yen, Chiao-Chin Chiang, Ching-Chuan Hu, Jui-Chien Hsu and Chia-Ling Chang (messagingleaving)


This exhibition aims to establish a platform for artistic dialogue by centring on the concept of ‘home.’ It presents an atmosphere, emotions, and forms collectively created by objects and people, fostering connections among the artworks. It reflects a fresh perspective on everyday life. Join us in this exciting exploration of dimensions in the familiar.