Luo Jr-shin
Fictional Organic

Date:2019.06.28 – 10.13
Venue:CMOA Daecheongho (located in the Daecheongho the third floor)
Artists:Dohee Kim, Jrshin Luo, Makizono Kenji


For this exhibition《Fictional Organic》, a project called《Old Color》will be presented. In this work, based on the history of flood and evacuation because of the dam construction, I try to retrace the evidence and memory of the residents of Daecheong Ho area before 1975. The soil, organic substances, etc. which collected from different spots around the lake area will be used for making pigment. The varied color will be applied on different surface of household objects such as old T-shirt, sheet, and curtain, etc., which are stretched on wooden frames like canvases for painting.

For more information, please check CMOA Daecheongho Museum of Art Website