Kuo Yu-Ping and Jian Yi-Hong
participate the exhibition “Here is where we meet” at Chiayi Art Museum

2023. 06. 29 – 2023. 10. 15


Curator:Erica Yu-Wen Huang
Artists:Wang Po-Yen, Wu Chuan-Lun, Lin Yi-Hsuan, Lin Ying-Chieh, Chiu Chen-Hung, Chang Chih-Chung, Zhang Xu-Zhan, Chang Cheng-Chun, Chuang Ho, Kuo Yu-Ping, Chen I-Chun, Chen Sung-Chih, Chen Ching-Yuan, Chen Ching-Ming, Huang Chih-Cheng, Liao Chi-Yu, Liu Chih-Hung, Cheng Nung-Hsuan, Jian Yi-Hong, Lo Yi-Chun


Movements alter the perspective in which we see, and dialogues create a scale of understanding. “Creativity in an era of change” is this year’s overarching theme at the Chiayi Art Museum, which reflects on the historical significance in the aftermath of the pandemic and also reflects on how artists of different eras continued with their creative endeavors and made breakthroughs in turbulent times, as they responded to the times using art as an action. This exhibition is in collaboration with the Tianmei Art Foundation, which in the past decade has supported over 50 young Taiwanese artists to participate in the “Taiwan Contemporary Artists Overseas Visit Program,” with opportunities provided for the artists to visit international contemporary art places and to interact with artists at their studios throughout the world. What significance does such a journey hold for the artists’ creative careers? Perhaps there is a reason why these encounters took place. This exhibition references Here Is Where We Meet by English art critic and novelist, John Berger, and alludes to the metaphorical encounters throughout different stages in life; with spiritually intertwined dialogues facilitated without tangible temporal and spatial references, a space where one can encounter and interact with the past and the present is offered.


The exhibition invites 20 artists to share the experiences they’ve had with being on the move. Whom did they meet while they were making art? Perhaps, a former self? A version of themselves from tomorrow? Or from a further distant future? In their mobile encounters, they have crossed paths and passed each other by, but the experience of being on the move has added depth to their artworks or allowed them to look back at the past. The “movements” in life and the “transformations” in art-making are then finally seen in the exhibition as “encounters.” The artists have creatively expressed and represented those moments rich with life’s gestures, and more than just encounters with their former selves, dialogues are also prompted between the viewers and the artworks.


Images 1-4: “Book of What is Love”, “Book of Longing Looks and Love”, “Collection of Exploratory Love”, and “Collection of Sensorial Love”, all by Jian Yi-Hong.

Images 5-8: Kuo Yuping’s mixed-media and sound installation, “There Was No Food In My Stomach, Sun On The Back of My Neck, Love On My Mind, Panic In My Soul, And An Ache An My Heart” (2018).

Photo credit / Tianmei Art Foundation
Photography / Anpis Wang

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