Wei Jia
participates “A Leisurely Stroll – The Tenth Anniversary of The Long Museum” at LONG MUSEUM WEST BUND

Exhibition Dates:05.20 – 08.13, 2023
Curator:Wang Wei


Wei Jia’s 2007 work “David II” is showcased in “A Leisurely Stroll – The Tenth Anniversary of The Long Museum” special exhibition. Curated by museum director Wang Wei, the exhibition highlights contemporary art from China and the world.

During his youth, Wei created a series of paintings depicting the young David, which resemble the work “David” that Michelangelo created in his 20s, manifesting the concept of a hero emerging from youth, evoking a sense of both melancholy and exuberance commonly associated with young individuals.

Youth is a recurring subject matter in Wei Jia’s works. “Youth” does not refer to the perfect, unageing faces of young men and women, but a mindset of persistence in art, avoiding lecturing others, a curious outlook on the world, and a confident approach to life.

In the early works of Wei, “youth” is depicted through straightforward designs and compositions. The young David is presented as monumental, taking up most of the composition. The David that defeated Goliath resembles a triumphant football player in an arena.

Goliath’s head is replaced with a giant skull, symbolizing that what the youth conquers is not merely an individual opponent but the vitality and vibrancy of life itself, transcending the boundaries of life and death.


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