Shao-Gang Wang
receives the “Honorable Mention Award” of 2021 Taipei Art Awards.

Date:2021.12.25 – 2022.3.20

Venue:Taipei Fine Arts Museum 3F


The “Taipei Art Awards” is one of Taiwan’s most forward-looking and indicative visual art awards. Established in 1983, the Awards are held annually to encourage the creation in tune with the spirit of the times and introduce a more diversified array of ideas and creative energy. As such, over the past three decades, the Taipei Art Awards has borne witness to the development of contemporary art, and the awards’ contributions to the art circle speak for themselves. This year, 346 submissions are in competition. After a two-stage selection process, the finalists include one collective trio, Zong-Yuan Tien, Yu-Chun Lo, and Kuang-Yi Ku, and 10 artists Tzu-An Wu, Shao-Gang Wang, Tzu-Huan Lin, Yen-Chun Lin, Sow-Yee Au, Yen-Cheng Chen, Sean Tseng, Xuan Huang, Yu-Cheng Hsieh, and Yi-Chun Lo. The 11 nominees’ works will display on the third floor. The prize will be judged on the TFAM exhibition. One winner will receive the Grand Prize of the Taipei Art Awards, while five teams will receive the Honorable Mention Award.




“There is often a sense of uncertainty stemming from not fully knowing one’s path. Yet this sense of uncertainty is not absolute, but rather a speculation of what will be,” says Shao-Gang Wang. 


Wang worked with adolescent theater performers between the years 2019 and 2021, and through discussions, he tried to outline their inexplicable states of life as youths. The artist has put together artworks from this 3-year long theme-based project to pose a difficult question to the world today: “How can I become my ideal self before I become a perfect person? How can the imagination and creative endeavors in between lead to the making of a place?” 


Deep Blue illustrates the contradictory feelings youths have about their own deficiencies, and Apple Green describes the explorations of their values and the unknown. The live performance piece, Silent House, explores how we deal with being alone, and in the fairytale-like story unfolds in chapters, “Alice” presents a virtual social game, where one’s virtual identity is the reflection of others and also oneself, with discussions engaged in with people on the Internet about the relationship between society and the Self. The artist seeks to create a new space for dialogue through this art series and to form a constantly shifting and changing place through the artworks on exhibit. All body images and visual images are in an ambiguous and ongoing state of being documented; an unstable yet poetic installation scene is developed, but it also implies a chapter that belongs only to the present or the future.


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