Putu Sutawijaya, Rudi Mantofani, and Alfi Jumaldi

Nostalgia Indonesia Contemporary Art Exhibition

Publication Date: Nov. 2008

Paperback: 32×23.5cm

Page: 62

Language: Chinese/English

Publisher: Michael Ku Gallery

Designer:Jiang Jian

South East Asia Contemporary arts could be the most popular rising stars recently, which formed a new trend in Taiwan. Indonesia art is playing an important role amongst this trend. In October, Michael Ku Gallery will hold a joint Indonesia contemporary art exhibition of three artists: Putu Sutawijaya, Rudi Mantofani, and Alfi Jumaldi. They had achieved well in the recent Sotheby’s auction. Rudi Mantofani made a record at 3,020,000 HKD. All of the three artists graduated from the top art institute in Indonesia: Indonesian Art Institute, located in Jogja. Putu is a little older than Alfi and Rudi, and is one of the earliest artists to receive great attentions amongst Indonesian contemporary artists. His works emphasize on the curves of human body’s movement, reveal the original power and the simplest extension of life, and stress on the humbleness and harmony when humane faces nature and the universe. Rude and Alfi are two important members of Jendela Group, which is the most acclaimed young art group in Indonesia contemporary art (the rest of the members are: Handiwirman Saputra, Yunizar and Yusra Martunus). All the members are from West Sumatra. They started off holding discussions on Western contemporary arts, and then moved on to develop their own styles. Rudi and Alfi excel in expressing their philosophy about life by using metaphors. What is life’s environment? What is culture? What is art? What is nature? All these basic yet encompassing philosophy leads us to a world long forgotten. When facing these paintings, you might be able to see your own nostalgia of life. Such nostalgia has also defined a unique art language in the Indonesia arts.

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