Song Kun / Wei Jia / Chen Ke / Chiang Hsun / Jian Yi-hong / Luo Jr-shin
No Name

The Group Exhibition with No Name is a group exhibition held in the spring of 2019 at Michael Ku Gallery; it features six artists whose works will form a conversation.

The Group Exhibition with No Name is not a nameless or untitled exhibition, but rather an exhibition whose name is No Name. The exhibition will feature two of Wei Jia’s paintings, both are named Untitled. One portrays a standing horse with a distinct gaze; the other depicts a sunglasses-wearing traveler strolling in a forest along a river. Both paintings convey a sense of namelessness by presenting the subjects in their natural state and without the burden of explanation. During his travels in the Yamagata Prefecture of Japan last winter, Chiang Hsun painted a snow scene titled Snow Trekking at Yamagata. The painting, which depicts a winter landscape amidst wind and snow, also conveys a sense of namelessness. Luo Jr-Shin’s works are his observations of ordinary and mundane daily life. They are born of such stillness that stillness becomes magic; they are two sides of the same coin.

When animate and inanimate beings forsake their names and designations, their essence inherently becomes that of no name. This essence can be extremely ordinary or extraordinarily illusory, and that is precisely what this exhibition wishes to convey.