Monica Luu b.1967

Monica Luu (b.1967, Taipei) initially worked in clothing textiles and spatial design. In 2005, her encounter with wool felt home decor, characterized by its warm, natural, and irregular contours, captivated and inspired her to pursue wool felt artistry. Luu treats wool fibers as sculptural materials, transforming their inherent softness into a firmer form through felting. Her creations, with their substantial volume and blended wool hues, exude a soft-focus texture, and she continues to explore and attempt to convey the expansive potential of wool felt through multiple dimensions. Wool felt transcends mere design objects, moving beyond two-dimensional or charmingly decorative attributes to become individual three-dimensional creative works, approaching the materiality, mass, and volume of sculptures, with each wool felt piece having a life of its own.

In 2020, Luu moved to Chihshang, Taitung, integrating the sights of life and nature and the essence of all things through the seasons into her creations.