Ay Tjoe Christine / Chiang Hsun / Lao Lianben / Song Kun / Wei Jia
Michael Ku Gallery 10th Anniversary

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of Michael Ku Gallery’s establishment.

The first exhibition held at Michael Ku Gallery was Wei Jia’s “Illuminating the Endless Night” in 2008. With keen insight, meticulous planning, and a vision that evolves with the times, Michael Ku Gallery has continued to provide Taiwan’s art scene with many ‘firsts,’ in both innovation and ideals. Starting with Wei Jia, Michael Ku Gallery launched a series of contemporary Chinese art exhibitions that introduced artists such as Song Kun, Jia Aili, Hu Xiaoyuan, Chen Ke, and Chen Fei. At a time when contemporary Chinese art still lingered in the past, Michael Ku Gallery was already curating a list of outstanding contemporary artists to present to the world. As Japanese art started to surge in popularity around 2008, the then newly founded Michael Ku Gallery collaborated with Tomio Koyama Gallery, one of Japan’s pioneering contemporary galleries, to introduce the art of Hideaki Kawashima to Taiwan. That same year, Tomio Koyama Gallery held Wei Jia’s exhibition in Tokyo. Michael Ku Gallery has also worked to promote art from the Asia Pacific Region, holding Ay Tjoe Christine’s first and only solo exhibition in Taiwan in 2012, and iconic Filipino modernist Lao Lianben’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan in 2016. These artists are more than classics of the past, they are the continuation and beginning of new eras. In 2014, Michael Ku Gallery curated a series of solo and joint exhibitions that featured the best of Taiwan’s up-and-coming contemporary artists. In the two subsequent Taipei Biennales, four artists represented by Michael Ku Gallery were selected to be part of the exhibits. Their works imbued the Biennale with new life, turning a new leaf in contemporary Taiwanese art. For over a decade, Michael Ku Gallery has been part of the dialogue of 21st century globalization and now, equipped with professional knowledge of the arts and cultures, continues to serve as a bridge between Asia and the West.

Michael Ku Gallery believes that a good gallery must posses both commercial prowess and the ability to promote art and culture. On June 2nd of 2018, the day of Michael Ku Gallery’s tenth anniversary, it will hold an exhibition of cross-regional art. On June 9th, Chiang Hsun, who is widely regarded as Taiwan’s most representative master of aesthetics, will hold an exhibition in one of Shanghai’s most iconic historical sites, marking his debut art exhibition in China. In days of internationalization, Michael Ku Gallery strives to continue its important work of promoting art and culture. 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of Michael Ku Gallery, it is also a milestone that leads into a new era as the 21st century has come to mature.