Luo Jr-shin
Luo Jr-shin’s work “Soil to Treetop” at AVEDA TAIWAN NOKE

LUO Jr-shin (1984 born in Miaoli)

Soil to Treetop, 2023

Pigments made from red earth in Taoyuan, snail shell, moso bamboo, acrylic medium, cotton fabric, wood, aluminum plate.

Artist LUO Jr- shin has always been enthusing about exploring unstable and flimsy substances for his work pieces. In this artwork, we could feel such vulnerable features actually provide very strong energy and motion.

This artwork not only resonated with Aveda’s commitment to natural ingredients, it also called out the materials in this artwork – earth, snail shell and moso bamboo. These three distinct materials were ground into the colorants of different natural hues and layered on the undyed cotton canvas, molding the imagery of the earth, snail shell and bamboo into a metaphor for the beauty of authentic nature.