Luo Jr-shin
Luo Jr-shin solo exhibiton ” Slide, Don’t Slip “

Date:2016.04.16 – 2016.05.21
Venue:VT Artsalon


Slide, Don’t Slip – A Solo Exhibition of Luo Jr-shin will be on view at VT Artsalon from 16 April to 21 May 2016. This exhibition features two creative projects of the artist, namely Foam to Form and A Portrait of the Sculptor as a Young Man.
In addition to its common usage in impact-resistant packaging, polystyrene (styrofoam) is employed as the creative material for Foam to Form, a project that touches upon the issues regarding the functions, forms, meanings and even aesthetics of polystyrene. A sculptural context is also introduced into this project in a way that plaster, a primary medium for sculpture, is used for casting the polystyrene. The casting process exactly embodies Luo‘s consistent creative spirit of exploring the invisible dimensions of materials. 
A Portrait of the Sculptor as a Young Man is an in situ project to be created by Luo at the venue of this solo exhibition. It is every bit as Foam to Form that raises sculptural issues through readymades, yet with a different focus on the media commonly used in traditional sculptures such as clay, hemp-made rope, timber and metal stand. Using these media, the artist tries not only to explore possible forms for creation but also to develop his sui genris creative vocabulary. The title of this project is adapted from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, a semi-biographical novel written by James Joyce, through which the artist brings his creative practice back to the reflection on the most fundamental and primal aspects of art, namely the form and vocabulary for artistic output. 

Luo is skilled in the art of readymades utilization. On a more specific basis, he tends to separate readymades from their quotidian genealogies and places them in the context of art where he can explore their artistic nature and potential. The artist’s utilization of readymades can be construed as ingenious experiments. Sometimes he expects to see the effects produced by their combition, while sometimes he discovers their inherent yet unseen scope of creativity. Such creativity can be promoted by observing the forms and qualities of objects or by connecting personal or collective memories with the functions that objects used to perform. 
The readymades transformed by Luo either display a sense of purity or become storytellers. Through the artist’s ingenuity, the fairly run-of-the-mill materials have riveted the viewrs’ attention. In addition to their intrinsic qualities, the materials Luo adopted seem to vividly reflect his passion for and devotion to his career as an artist.

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