Luo Jr-shin
Luo Jr-shin is Participating in Liverpool Biennial 2021

Exhibition Dates:2021/ 5/ 19- 2021/ 06/ 27

Venue:The Lewis’s Building

Curator:Manuela Moscoso


“The Stomach and the Port”, curated by Manuela Moscoso, presents a total of 50 artists from 30 countries around the world with 150 works of art, including 47 new commissions. It explores concepts of the body, drawing on non-Western thinking where the body is seen as fluid, being continuously shaped by, and actively shaping its environment. To navigate the breadth of the Biennial and to make connections between the artworks, a series of trails across the city will gather the exhibitions, outdoor sculptures and installations around the 3 curatorial entry points of The Stomach and the Port – Stomach, Porosity and Kinship.


Luo Jr-shin has created an uncanny, immersive and urban space in situ. Like a filter, matters passed through you and became a part of you (2021). The piece transports visitors to a nightclub toilet, complete with sticky floors and coloured lights. The toilet is an ambiguous site – public and private, often rigidly gendered, but also the setting for conversation and spontaneous meetings, a place of exchange. As such, Luo makes a space dedicated to the body that is also full of narrative.


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