Luo Jr-shin
“Like a Urinal in a Nightclub: Luo Jr-shin” , at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Gallery 3B

Venue:Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Gallery 3B (3F)


Like a Urinal in a Nightclub’


You came and went. Here I was, absorbing your silence and your chatter. Names were exchanged, titles never mentioned again. I mulled over what you just consumed and what you were letting out, some golden liquid turning into another. You behaved like a filter, matters passed through you and became a part of you. I am but an ingredient interpreter, your secrets are safe with me. It would be like confiding to a treehole – we all know that treeholes don’t talk.


– Note on the wall in a restroom of a Taipei nightclub


Like a Urinal in a Nightclub is an exhibition comprised of installations, sculptures, objects, sound pieces, and site-specific work by Luo Jr-shin. The nightclub scene is adopted intentionally as a metaphor. As Note on the wall in a restroom of a Taipei nightclub so aptly put, a nightclub is where people and matter meet and interconnect, where “some golden liquid turn[s] into another.” This vibrant and extraordinary space provides a backdrop from which Luo extracts, edits, configures, and erases elements of idiosyncrasy. As if entering a live organism, the spatial experience introduced by the artist is temporal, visceral, and personalized (perhaps pharmacokinetics is an adequate analogy, visualizing physical spaces as organs, and movements of visitors as substances taking effect in the body). It foregrounds Luo’s ongoing focus on the affair between human and matter – essentially, how meaning and perception confer and morph between people and matter that have come into contact with each other.


Supporter / PEGATRON Corporation

Special thanks / National Culture and Arts Foundation

Thanks / Michael Ku Gallery, John Chen, Wu I-Yen, Cheng Hsien-Yu, Cheng Nung-Hsuan, Lee Chi-Hsiang, Chen Ching-Yuan, Yeh Jen-Kun, Lu Xiang-Yi, Luo Jhih-Syuan, Hsu Wen-Ching, Kuo Jaan-Yuan, Daniel Kuo, Wang Syu-Li

Credit / Space design: Liao Che-Ming, Sound design: Andy Chiu, Project manager: Kang Hsueh-En, Technical director: Wu Sih-Chin, Graphic designer: @sampleanimal, Urinal graphic:, Mechanical programming: Cheng Jen-Hsiang, Pumping system design: Wu Gwo-Woei, Molding and casting: Lin Kuo-Wei, Sandbag design: Lin Chih-Chieh, Translation: Wang Pei-Hsuan, Production assistant: Lee Chin-Chieh


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