Lao Lianben b.1948


Lao Lianben (Filipino, B. 1948), whose minimalist yet evocative paintings are a wellspring of Oriental inspiration. His monochromatic compositions display a meditational quietude, and an elegantly refined aesthetic derived from the brushwork of expressionist calligraphy. Lao Lianben captures only what is essential in subtle, clutter-free canvases. An acknowledged master of Philippine non-representative art, Lianben has been creating textured monochrome paintings for 40 years. His muses are surprising in their simplicity. Before he begins, there is always a word, a sound, a shape haunting the hallways of his mind. Everyday wonders captivate him: the web of creases on a cracked wall or the patina of age on pottery. Lianben’s paintings, though minimalist, are evocative translations of these deceptively pedestrian inspirations. 




Sense of Light
Published by MKG,2016