Lou Ye

Landscape of Man

Publication Date: Jan. 2015

Paperback: 46x36cm

Page: 132

Language: Chinese/English

Publisher: Michael Ku Gallery

Art Director:Jiang Jian

Designer:Chen Erxu

“Landscape of Man” is a special exhibition of introduction to the art of Lou Ye’s cinema and the art of three participating Chinese contemporary artists: Song Kun, Wei Jia, Qi Xing. Few directions are linked within the exhibition: one revolves presenting and further recreating the art of the filmmaker’s films; the original immense cinematic corpus including sounds, videos, visual and images, texts as well as manuscripts will be deconstructed in the exhibition into various sections. Another direction points to the juxtaposition of artists’ works that are associated with the spirit of the filmmaker’s creation, looking at independent yet mutually corresponding artistic creations and attitudes from a wider cultural dimension.

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