Jian Yi-Hong b.1988


Jian Yi-Hong (born 1988, Taiwan) graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, he has won the Merit Awards of the Taipei Arts Awards 2014 and the 1st Chang Kuang-pin Art Award. Through recurrent simple male nudes, his works based on ink wash depict the undercurrents of desire between teens and middle-aged men with a humorous flavor filled with imagination, while representing reflections of reality and surreal imagination about existence in Taiwan’s society today. Behind all this, there is a cultural context that traverses through past and now, the domestic and abroad. Compositions of his pictures represent deliberate parallels or appropriations of traditional Chinese painting, with lines of ink depicting simple scenes of life or exaggerated and absurd scenes which involve self and desire roaming in a delicate manner. Through techniques of ink wash such as lightness, emphasis, hanging above, pressing as well as implicit depictions that express to a proper extent, Jian Yi-Hong imbues the experience of the self into a theatre of man and environment/culture that is both real and fantastic.


Recent exhibitions include: ” slowly : Jian Yi-Hong ” (Moments in Time, Taichung, 2020) , “Singing the Body Electric ” ( David Zwirner, Hong Kong, 2019) , “Tropical Cyclone”(Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, 2017), “RIVERRUN” (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, 2017), “An Exhibition about Paintings and Transient Emotions”(Luodong Cultural Working House, Yilan, 2016), “Let us not be sad anymore”(Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei, 2016), “It Feels Like LOVE”(Nomad Museum, Taipei, 2015), TAIPEI ARTS AWARDS”(Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Taipei, 2014).


Jian Yi-Hong lives and works in Taipei.