Jia Aili


Publication Date: Aug. 2009

Paperback: 33x24cm

Page: 68

Language: Chinese/English

Publisher: Michael Ku Gallery

Designer:Jiang Jian, Zhou Kewei

This is Jia Aili’s first exhibition in Taipei. Jia Aili is not acquainted by Taiwan viewers, but to those who are familiar with Chinese Contemporary Arts, Jia Aili has been deemed as one of the most prospective rising star in recent years. . At the moment when China’s art market boomed to apex, Jia Aili was one of the few who gained attention by their unique art languages. Not like his 70’s peers who had been categorized, Jia Aili earned his fame later and usually be clarified as 80s,. But strictly speaking, 1979 born Jia Ai Li is probably more akin to the late 70s by his narrative and expressive language towards emotion in life. Aili’s genre gives an impression of stern grandness. His paintings often breathe out an air of coldness. He frequently uses combinations of grey and blue, an icy yet rational tone. In my opinion, this could be attributed to the fact that he grew up in the cold North East in China, and the fact that he was trained in the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts where he developed meticulous and accurate portrait skill. In his paintings, you will see gigantic sculptures, scattered furniture and tiny figures in the open wild, a statue bearing a red-scarf standing in a garden pond, or a corner of a cold hospital. All of these ooze out a sense of desolation as if revealing the essence of living, free of pretentiousness. JAL is the shorthand signature of Jia Aili. Coincidently, it is also the abbreviation of the Japan Airline. The artworks shown in this exhibition give out an open and void feeling, as can be associated with the sky,hence the exhibition has been named JAL.

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