Wang Shao Gang

Wang Shao Gang’s solo exhibition “Invincible” explores the contradictions and paradoxes one encounters when faced with the self. No matter win or lose, “he” always fights back at the pivotal moment and, like a movie hero, faces his enemy and is reborn. When we look at him, it is as if we are allowed to follow his footsteps and remember the past to receive our salvation.

Wang uses images as a narrative to illustrate the lessons taught by fear, rebellion, unfamiliarity, religion, and memories. The artist researched the traditional ceremonies of martial arts and religion in Taiwanese culture. He is particularly concerned with the ways in which people exist in times such as the colonial and modern period and uses these different experiences as a prologue to his works. By turning situations of war, rebellion, and oppression into images, Wang gives the content new life and uses it to reflect on the schisms of modernity.