Monica Luu
From This Mountain To That Mountain
12.09,2023 – 02.03,2024

Michael Ku Gallery is pleased to present Monica Luu’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, “From This Mountain To That Mountain.” This is Monica Luu’s inaugural exhibition of wool felt sculptures and marks another cross-disciplinary collaboration by Michael Ku Gallery since the “12% Design” exhibition in 2010 and the “Landscape of Man: Lou Ye” in 2014, once again presenting the common humanistic spirit shared by art in its multifaceted aspects.

Luu utilizes wool fiber as her sculptural material. Its inherently gentle and soft nature becomes progressively firm through felting. The volumetric mass of the sculptures, combined with the mixed colors of the wool, creates a soft-focus texture. Luu continues to explore and attempt to convey the extensive possibilities of wool felt through multiple dimensions. Wool felt transcends mere design objects, moving beyond two-dimensional or charmingly decorative attributes to become individual three-dimensional creative works, approaching the materiality, mass, and volume of sculptures, with each wool felt piece having a life of its own.

In 2020, Monica Luu moved to Chihshang, Taitung, integrating the sights of life and nature and the essence of all things through the seasons into her creations. Luu’s “Mo More Mountains” series of wool felt sculptures began with an intuitive expression of the changing seasons of the mountains. After relocating to Chihshang, she encountered a different living environment and life experience. The boundless golden hues of rice fields and the various compositions of mountains and clouds made her realize that life is full of possibilities and that the future is suddenly vast and open. Luu captures these feelings, felting them into the mountains, stitch by stitch, using the mountains to mark the days and to record the present self.