Luo Jr-shin
From Some Golden Liquid Turning into Another

Date:2018. 9. 22 18:00-21:00 hrs.
Venue:Vernacular Institute (Mexico)


You came and went. Here I was, taking in your silence and your chatter. Names were exchanged, titles never mentioned again. I thought about what you just consumed and what you were letting out, some golden liquid turning into another. You were like a filter, matter passed through you and became a part of you. I am but an ingredient interpreter, your secrets are safe with me. It would just be like confiding to a tree hole – we all know that tree holes stay silent.

—Note on a wall in the restroom of a nightclub

This is a monologue of a urinal.

A urinal is an object that allows fluid to pass through it. A filter and a keeper of secrets, it resides inconspicuously in the corner, tenderly waiting. A urinal reflects the human body, a vehicle through which matter travels. A restroom, although with a specific functionality, exhibits a duality. Both private and public it makes room for socialization.

Secrets cannot be kept forever. They find a way out.

From Some Golden Liquid Turning into Another is a sequel to Luo Jr-Shin’s project Like a Urinal in a Nightclub. Looking at the deconstruction of materials, this transformation is not unlike the process of encoding, encryption, and decoding. Moreover it proposes metaphorical thingness as a means to break down meanings of material and the space where the social sphere appears. By deconstruction, reconstruction and discussion of matter, it reflects how people’s mind intervene in things. The analysis of the material is a crucial method in Luo’s practice to investigate human being.

Opening: 22th September 2018
18:00-21:00 hrs.

Vernacular Institute
Benjamin Franklin 50, Casa C
Mexico City
MX 11800

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