Freedom and Enjoyment in the Seasons
a selected exhibition
8.16 – 11.15, 2020

Michael Ku Gallery is pleased to present the newest group exhibition “Freedom and Enjoyment in the Seasons”, the show includes artworks by Lao Lianben, Chiang Hsun, Wei Jia, Song Kun, Kuo Yu Ping and Jian Yi-Hong, selected from various phases of the past decade.

Maybe it is like being on a journey or in an afternoon right after a heavy rain, or at a corner of the table during summertime. Or we draw down the echoing sound with colors. Sometimes people gaze into the universe from the dark, sometimes people walk into it. “The mountains appear uninhabited with not a person in sight, Yet I hear people talking”, phrases by poet, Wang Wei, could be found on a Chiang Hsun’s piece.

Many years ago, we saw a painting at Sanyu solo exhibition held at National Museum of History, there’s a phrase that the painter wrote on the vase of his tableau, it indicates that human beings feel at ease in the seasons. And now we borrow it for naming this exhibition under this particular time.