Kuo Yuping
installation and video works “The Crow’s Feet Disappear After a Gentle Flap” participates the 2023 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival – “Listening to the Overtones of Fissures” at National Human Rights Museum

Exhibition Dates:05.17 – 09.17

Venue:National Human Rights Museum

Curator:TSAI Ming-Jiun, CHEN Wei-Lun, TSAI Ping-Ju

Artists:TSAI Wan-Chieh|WU Ma-Li|Uncertain Studio|WANG Yu-Jun|KUO Yu-Ping|LO Yi-Chun|OUYANG Wen|CHEN Meng-He, Those Who Came Later, LIU Chi-Tung|Lysianassa DAUBY, TSAI Wan-Shuen|WANG Yu-Jun|CHANG Wen-Hsuan|TENG Chao-Ming|LO Lai-Lai Natalie|Candy Bird|CHEN Shiau-Peng|WU Ke-Wei, TSAI Yu-Jou|NGUYEN Phuong Linh|Leeroy NEW|CHANG En-Man|TSAI Tsung-Lung, NGUYEN Kim-Hong, SHIH Min-Chieh|Karolina BREGUŁA|Yooseung JUNG


The Crow’s Feet Disappear After a Gentle Flap is like a painting.The artist re-processes old clothes and pieces of textile that she has gathered, and combines sculpture, drawings, objects, and reproduced files to construct various scenes that resemble close-up shots, short stories, and sketches. She then patches these scenes into different visual stories, and invites spectators to wander therein. Spectators can re-arrange and re-combine the stories according to their experiences and tell their own stories. This work is inspired by the multiple presence of female family members in the group image of White Terror victims as well as the silent trauma that has been passed down generation after generation.


A sense of deprivation lies behind the ordinary objects in the work. With its softness, the work creates a counterbalance to the ever-present trauma, and contemplates on brutality, loss, and continuity. In the solitary prison cell on Green Island, the work unveils a gloomy site of uncertainty, anxiety and resonance—a place where the living dwells with the deceased. Like Green Island’s old-growth forest and witnesses that no longer exist, at the end, everything is about the materialization of tangible things and their disappearance.


*This work is inspired by the letter, titled Silent Love, from Mrs. LAN CHANG A-Tung to her husband, and the women who have bravely made their voices heard in Prisoners Outside the Prison.


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