NIU Jun Qiang
” Dance with the Museum Collection – Retrieved, Reimagined, Restated ” at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Date:2016.05.28 -10. 02

Curator: Ping Lin
Guest curators: Yin Hua Chu,  Jau Lan Guo,  Yu Chih Hsiao

The experimental exhibition from the museum collection on which we embark in 2016 is an attempt to reorder context and build a new network of relationships. The process of soliciting collected objects and reactivating archives is much like the process of decryption – producing a new code that states unique personal imprints, retrieves our own and the viewer’s memories, or simply serves as a medium facilitating the return of historical artifacts into the midst of society. To “re-author” is to play with the dance poses of solicitation, engaging in the retrieval of the “original” or the “author,” and embarking on a journey of reimagining and restatement. The game rules of the exhibition as a whole are that, with the museum director serving as film director, professional art producers and agents will place collection artifacts themselves or their symbols either inside or outside the walls of the museum, and by introducing unpredictable social factors, they will form distinct feedback loops of reading and thus engender structure through a sense of suspense or loosely habitual interpretation. The exhibition is co-curated from the three different identities and practices of an artist, a curator, and an architect, who, through negotiation with senior researchers of the museum, have formed three divergent viewing angles and produced three distinct decoding methods. They reflect a variety of signs dancing with the collection and a diversity of forms within the body of the collection, creating a space in which visitors are invited to participate, view, imagine, form narratives, ponder, and question.

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