Chiang Hsun b.1947


Chiang Hsun was born in Xi’an, China in 1947 and grew up in Taiwan. After graduating from Department of History and Graduate School of Arts of Chinese Culture University, he pursued further studies in arts in Paris in 1972 and returned to Taiwan in 1976. During his term as the chief editor of Lion Art monthly published in Taiwan, he was the first to introduce art from Taiwan and the globe in the conservative environment of the time. As a teacher, he taught in Chinese Culture University and Fu Jen Catholic University. In 1983, he created Department of Art of Tunghai University and served as the Chairperson. As the most important advocator of aesthetics in Taiwan who remains active in several fields such as art histories of the West and the East, literature, cinema, dance and theatre, Chiang Hsun exerts an extensive impact in China, Hong Kong and other regions of the Greater China as well as among Chinese diaspora. As an artist, he picks up oil painting, calligraphy and ink wash painting in a natural manner and create his own unique art language by integrating elements of the aforementioned genres. The artist’s works made in several decades combine and reflect the contexts of his elaboration in art history and cultural fields.




Great Beauty on Earth
Published by MKG,2018
Vernal Equinox
Published by Tung Hua Book,2013