Monica Luu


Monica Luu b.1967 Monica Luu (b.1967, Taipei) initially worked in clothing textiles and spatial design. In 2005, her encounter with wool felt home decor, characterized by its warm, natural, and irregular contours, captivated and inspired her to pursue wool felt artistry. Luu treats wool fibers as sculptural materials, transforming their inherent softness into a firmer […]

Chang Kaï-Chun


Chang Kaï-Chun b.1989 Chang Kaï-Chun (born 1989, Taiwan) graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris, he has won the 73th Jeune Création Art Award in 2023 and Novembre à Vitry Painting Prize in 2018. His paintings are a blend of abstraction and concreteness, blurring the line between painting and photography. With simplistic composition, his works exude a […]

Su Yuming


Su Yuming b.1994 Su Yuming was born in 1994 in Xuzhou City of Jiangsu province, China. In 2013, Su enrolled in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute to study printmaking and in 2016 he began to study lithography under artist Wei Jia. In 2017, Su graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and was selected to become a member […]

Shih Meng-Hsin


Shih Meng-Hsin b.1995 Shih Meng Hsin (born 1995, Taichung ) graduated from the Tainan University of the Arts of Practicing sculpture and space-related installations as his art form. Shih Meng Hsinexcels at magnifying everyday perceptions, responding through sculpture, ready-made objects, and spatial installations. With a keen sensitivity to spatial awareness, he adeptly observes urban environments, […]

Nick Dong


Nick Dong b.1973 Nick Dong was born in Taipei in 1973. He graduated from Mixed Medias and Paintings department of Tung-Hai University in 1996 and received his MFA at Metalsmithing and Jewelry Department of University of Oregon. His artworks have been exhibited in various national and international art organizations, including at the Renwick Gallery of […]

Kuang Jun


Kuang Jun b.1978 Kuang Jun was graduated from Department of Sculpture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2002. He participates in UNMASK with works combining sculpture and design concepts. His first solo exhibition in Taiwan will be held in Michael Ku Gallery in December 2014. These works continue aesthetic aspects in UNMASK and dive […]

Wu Junyong


Wu Junyong b.1978 WU is growing up in a family of skilled craftsmen who have been creating sculptures and murals for temples in southern China for years, Wu was immersed in Chinese folklores from an early age. After entering China Academy of Art, he developed a fascination with European paintings and Greek mythologies. As a […]

Chen Ke


Chen Ke b.1978 Chen Ke was born in Tungjiang, Sichuan in 1978 and currently lives and works in Beijing. She obtained a BA from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 and an MFA in 2005 from the same faculty. In 2013, she participated in group shows such as “Portrait of […]

Song Kun


Song Kun b.1977 Song Kun was born in 1977 in Inner Mongolia, China. Having graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2002, she currently lives and works in Beijing. Song Kun’s work takes feelings of her own life as the starting point and depicts fragments of […]

Wang Shao-Gang


Wang Shao-Gang b.1985 Wang Shao- Gang (born 1985, Taiwan) graduated from the Graduate Institute of New Media Art in Taipei National University of the Arts. Wang specializes in exploring the interrelations between the self and the external through video installation. Constantly experimenting with the possibilities of video art, he is committed to restructuring film, video, […]