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Founded by Michael Ku in 2008, Michael Ku Gallery is located in the central Taipei. Michael Ku leads the gallery with his background in art history. For each single exhibition he curates and writes the statement by himself. The major line of the gallery represented artists is from Greater China connecting with international art scene. We introduce the artists on the basis of plans, hope to form a clear context for the arts. In the meantime, we want to create a vision filled with independent spirits and depth of humanities from a perspective of promoting different cultures, in order to rediscover another layer of meanings of the artworks.

Founded by Michael Ku in 2008, Michael Ku Gallery plays a leading and vital role in Taiwan’s gallery scene of new generation. The Gallery presents artists and exhibitions ranging from Taiwanese contemporary art, connecting with Chinese contemporary art deriving from Mainland China then extending to Asian contemporary art covering both Southeast Asian and Japanese contemporary art. On the basis of the language of international contemporary art, the Gallery considers and pursues the unique features from Taiwan’s local culture in order to bring out the current circumstances. The Gallery is also dedicated to working with the artists on developing the future paths of arts, tries to suggest new possibilities with the exhibitions, or to presents subtly the core subjects that the artists explore and the nature of the artwork during the creative process.