Yang Shuangqing
2013 10

Yang Shuangqing (b.1982, Xi’an, Shaanxi province) trained at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated from the visual studio of Oil Painting department. He currently lives and works in Xi’an. Since the burgeoning development of Chinese contemporary art market, art critics and artists mainly gather in metropolitan cities such asBeijing and Shanghai. However, Yang seems to be capable of having another perspective towards other aspects ofChina as a result of his living environment. Instead of adopting hyperbolic languages to attract the viewers, Yangdepicts living, life and the world by means of sensitivity and sincerity. Moreover, we see in his works the touching and tranquility moments in our life, rather than the high-profile facets of life or China nowadays, which serves as the reflections of more actualities.

Besides oil paintings, Yang Shuangqing also utilizes the combinations of paper, cloth, needles and threads and so on, reflecting the artist’s emotional projections and representations of his own objects. The representations not only echo with the artist’s growth background, embodied by ubiquitous folk artworks, but transform into his personal artistic language. As for the materials and contents, Yang explores and reflects the pluralities in Chinese society in this day with a sort of literary lexicons, and then extends to the inquiry into life values. Through the appreciation of Yang’s works, people can dimly see a system of real life values, where the artist’s belief in art and subsistence reveals, as well as his attitudes. Within overall trends that pursue contemporary context, Yang’s artworks poignantly points out the China’s realities and social skeletons.