NIU Jun Qiang
2015 NIU Jun Qiang solo exhibition

You came to the metro station to pick me up that afternoon. At first, your greeting seemed a bit distanced. During the short passage, you roughly introduced the living environment with a monotone. The speed of your speech wasn’t very fast; the tone is a bit cold. Your tone and pace were rather downward. So you looked robust; your thighs were muscled. Your height was probably about 170 cm.

Arriving in your place, I felt the space quite bright. During our conversation, I felt you’re a somber person. So your eyelids were single-edged and you wore metal frame glasses. The size of your nose was tiny, not big. Your lips were thin. It seemed you had crew cut and short moustache.

At the beginning I thought your outfit tended to be casual, that you wore clothes such as T-shirts or sport shorts. But when you served fruits, they were put in two plates respectively for each person. This made me think you’re quite reserved and tended to wear pure color collared-shirts and deep color trousers, with Seiko watches with leather belts. Your nails should be tidy and there were all leather shoes or dark brown sneakers in your shoe cabinet.

This was how we first met.