Michael Ku Gallery
2015 ART TAICHUNG – Chen Ke solo exhibition

Date: July 11th 2015 (Sat.) – July 13th (Mon), 2015. (VIP Preview July 10th)

Venu:Millennium & CopthorneHotels ROOM 1715 (No. 77 Shizheng Road Xitun District,Taichung City, 40756,Taiwan)


MichaelGu Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in 2015 ART Taichung. Wewill be presenting a solo exhibition of the latest works of Chen Ke, includinga scenery oil painting rendered in a wooden box, various creations onold-fashioned blackboards, exquisite paintings on alarm clocks, two oilpaintings, and multiple prints. Chen’s unique use of mediums, as well as herthoughtful and perfected painting lexicon, are not only a breath of fresh air,but also a revelation of solicitudes that exist in her inner world. In thisworld, there is scenery devoid of humans as well as a portrait of someone whocan be a daughter and a mother; time flows forward and human emotions andinteractions are forever warm. This exhibition, featuring Chen’s latestcreations, will be shown for the first time in Taichung.