Luo Jr-Shin/ Lin Kuo-Wei
2014 Taipei Biennale “The Great Acceleration”

Exhibition Dates:Sep.13,2014-Jan.04,2015
Venue: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Curator:Nicolas Bourriaud


Human activity has been transforming the planet for millennia. All the ecosystems now bear the mark of human presence, but the scale and speed of change in the last 60 years, called by scientists The Great Acceleration, also led them to name anthropocene this new geological epoch — an era marked by the strong impact of human activities upon the atmospherical and geological evolution of planet earth.

Taipei Biennial 2014 uses this image in order to examine how contemporary art adresses this new contract between human beings, animals, vegetals, machines, products and objects. How does today’s art define and represent our space-time ? The exhibition will highlight the way artists focus on links, chainings, connections and mutations : how they envision planet earth as a huge network, where new states of matter and new forms of relations appear…


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