Michael Ku Gallery x JOYN:VISCOM

12% Design

Publication Date: Feb. 2010

Paperback: 38x26cm

Page: 64

Language: Chinese/English

Publisher: Michael Ku Gallery

Designer:Jiang Jian, Ronald Tau

12% Design is an exhibition co-hosted by Michael Ku Gallery and JOYN:VISCOM, with 12 participating parties of artists and designers (UNMASK, Liang Yuanwei, Chi Peng, OHO-OHO, Guang Yu, PERK, Wang Chong, Zhu Chenjie, Shanlin, Studio P.I., Zhang Xiaochuan, Yi Shi), every piece of work represents individual personalities and statements, riding the line between contemporary art and product design.
12% Design represents the number of participants, but also the rare attention Michael Ku Gallery gives to the design field.This exhibition will see the gallery divert its full attention to works of design. From Liang Yuanwei’s vintage telephone-modified mp3 player, reminiscent of an emotion that is nostalgic and melancholic; to Chi Peng’s hand made GaGa series, every piece representing a different emotion; to Guang Yu’s “Comme des Paysans”, re-interpreting materials of Chinese youth in the 70’s on newly-packaged T-Shirts; and much more, 12% Design is not short of creative ways of living. 12% Design, 100% Creative Living.

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